Details of Interiorism


A comprehensive rehabilitation of a flat in MALAGA. On this flat the pillars were an aesthetic problem to be integrated into the project. Unable to hide them we opted for prominence. Thus metal and lighting created the point of care.


Comprehensive reforms in the small bathrooms if they have natural light improves dramatically when incorporating glass furniture combined with mirrors allowing the passage of light and give a feeling of spaciousness and wellness.


Sometimes furniture we designed with some of our suppliers to adapt to the spaces without losing originality and functionality. On this occasion, an exclusive bar work with cutting board included, essential for cooking easily.


Greenhouse portable. Furniture store fresh herbs, thyme, basil, parsley, and fresh all the time. This activity is relaxing and natural. We like to surprise our customers with details that help to promote healthy cooking.


Interior remodeling. A small functional bedroom, we boost giving a contrast of materials and colors. A wardrobe (must) with sliding doors to the ceiling and a generous bed head that distributes impact providing visual breadth.


Complete refurbishment of a kitchen. A proper distribution of the furniture with the color combination creates a kitchen full of character. We also have a large storage capacity without overloading the space thanks to the glass cases.


Complete refurbishment bathroom in Barcelona. One of the bathrooms were small in size and no natural light. Quite a challenge! Various options, the chosen one was visually expanding the space, removing the countertop and large mirrors were proposed.


Interior design for a hall. With furniture specially designed and manufactured as we solve a space and make it a reading room while on a table for a drink, share sociable moments or watch TV.


An old warehouse converted into a rustic farm shop where wood becomes the protagonist. The high ceilings and curved recover to keep the essence of a shed where the arches are part of the decor.


Portal outer side of an old warehouse converted into a farm shop. To give a more original design without losing function of ventilation grille door with touch to make it different, we made this design inspired by a space sky. An idea that brings creativity.